Fund a Child

If you want to save the world, just start by saving one kid.

- Gen. Colin Powell USA (Retired)

It costs CASA $5,000 to provide each child served with a trained CASA/GAL Volunteer for an entire year. Add your name to our growing list of Fund a Child supporters as you change the life of a foster child with your $5,000 gift.

Your gift helps to create lasting change for children, families and our community.

Research proves that CASA advocacy works. Studies reveal that children who have been assigned CASA volunteers are significantly less likely to spend time in long-term foster care. A child with a CASA volunteer is also more likely to do better in school, have better conduct, and more likely to find a permanent home. Children with a CASA have greater access to doctors, dentists and other medical and mental health professionals for ongoing well-being.  The presence of a CASA volunteer improves the lives of foster children.

All children deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. All children have a right to a safe home where they can rebuild friendships, learn and grow. This isn’t just important; it is a fundamental obligation of our society to protect the rights and needs of our children during the most vulnerable time in their lives.

Please pledge your support today!