An Opportunity To Thrive

A CASA/GAL Volunteer Can make all the difference in the life of a child

Children with advocates reach a permanent, stable home faster.  Most often, the CASA/GAL volunteer is the only person in the foster child’s life that isn’t paid – the foster parents, therapist, social workers are all paid and the kids know that. 

When a CASA/GAL volunteer comes and says “I am here, just for you,” that is powerful and life-changing.

A Lasting Impact

From a volunteer -

Foster kids have lost trust. The people they trusted most in their lives are the ones that got them into this mess – disruption, foster care. It’s my job to teach these kids that it’s ok to trust again.”
CASA/GAL Volunteer & current CASA Director of Education & Training

From a former foster youth -

My CASA/GAL gave me two things that can’t be measured. First, she gave me hope. She made me realize that I wasn’t just another “kid in the system,” that things would get better, and that I could have a good life and that I deserved a good life. Second, and most important, she believed in me. She believed I was a great person and I just had to get over some rough spots. She believed in me so much that I finally started to believe in myself. And that was when my life started to turn around.”
Edward Turner
former foster youth and CASA Kane County Gala Speaker 2020

From a former board member -

Having seen firsthand the work of our volunteers, it only strengthens my sense of purpose to further the mission the makes outcomes better for kids, the court, and the community.”
Carl Schoedel
Director, Kane County Division of Transportation