Be Strong Families Youth Advisory Board for Older Youth in Care

Be Strong Families Youth Advisory Board for Older Youth in Care

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Join Christina Wolken, Youth Advisory Board Lead Administrator with Be Strong families to learn more about this organization and program for older youth in care.

Be Strong Families is committed to creating and sustaining programs that positively impact all youth and their families, especially youth that are experiencing challenges and adversity.

As a part of the SYAB (Statewide Youth Advisory Board), youth in care and former youth in care between the ages of 14 and 21 come together to educate, advocate for, and empower all youth in care. SYAB members enjoy leadership training and assist in developing policies and laws. This gives youth in care the valuable opportunity to address individual and collective systemic issues. Their purpose is stated as follows:

  • WE educate, advocate for, and empower youth and young adults.
  • WE partner with DCFS on legislation, policies, practice, procedures, and training as they concern youth in care.
  • WE provide DCFS and the Illinois General Assembly the perspective of youth in care.
  • WE identify systemic issues with foster care, guardianship, and adoption and offer recommendations for change.
  • WE host RYAB’s monthly in addition to 5 SYAB meetings per year.
  • WE report annually to the Illinois General Assembly.
  • WE receive Leadership Development sessions at the YAB.

Invitation and link have been emailed to all volunteers.