Become a Volunteer

Why Should You Volunteer?

CASA/GAL is not your ordinary volunteer experience, but that’s ok, we are looking for extraordinary volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a casa/gal volunteer:

A Word from One Of Our Volunteers

I would highly recommend the CASA/GAL pre-service training! It is extremely informative, they walk you through an entire case from start to end, they teach you what your role is and how to get information. You learn the courtroom procedures and the dynamics of 'the system'. In training, they cover tons of topics where you can retain information and are left feeling confident in your role as a CASA/GAL. The teachers are so nice and make it fun; yet you learn SO much!"
- CASA/GAL Volunteer

What Does A CASA/GAL Volunteer Do?

Maintain a Relationship with the Child

Establish and investigate the child’s situation and needs. Visit the child at least once to twice a month.

Complete Case Reviews

Speak with the child and relevant adults while investigating the child’s situation and needs. Review appropriate records and reports. Observe the child, significant others and child visitations.

Ensure the Best Interest of the Child

Attend all court hearings to see that all relevant facts are presented and attend appropriate interagency meetings regarding the child.

Report Findings

Attend court hearings concerning the child and provide a written report to the court with factual information. Also, participate in case conferences concerning the child.

Monitor Cases

Follow court hearings or decisions as designated by the court.

Consult Regularly

Communicate to advocate supervisor, attorney and education team concerning the assigned case. Develop a CASA case plan and review progress and reports.

What Are The Requirements Of A CASA/GAL Volunteer?

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What Are The Expectations Of A CASA/GAL Volunteer?