Day in the life of a CASA Advocate Supervisor

Day in the life of a CASA Advocate Supervisor

CASA Advocate Supervisor Blog

CASA Advocate Supervisor Position

  • Describe a typical day or a typical week for the Advocate Supervisor position. 

  • What about your job might surprise others?

  • What is your favorite part of your job?

CASA Advocate Supervisors provides professional support to CASA/GAL (Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardian ad Litum) volunteers to ensure that children assigned to the CASA Kane County organization receive thorough advocacy and proactive permanency planning. The advocate supervisors are responsible for case assignment, planning, on-going advocacy direction and support to the CASA/GAL volunteers.           


These individuals assist in the recruitment, case assignment and evaluation of CASA/GAL volunteers. Each Advocate Supervisor is responsible for CASA/GAL volunteer supervision, reporting and the essential case records of the organization, interfacing with other local child welfare agencies, providing input in identifying, developing, and implementing program needs and goals, and providing on-going stewardship.  Ensuring the highest level of advocacy for the appointed children of each CASA/GAL the advocate supervisors share the passion for CASA Kane County’s mission.


Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Advocate Supervisor role include:

      • Reviewing new cases and assign advocates in coordination while providing assistance and guidance to advocates as needed and when requested.
      • Assisting in the development of initial case plans and on-going strategies for advocacy.
      • Attending court hearings and maintaining a comprehensive schedule of all activities.
      • Review, edit and prepare and submit CASA court reports to Staff Attorneys/Court.
      • If there are not enough volunteers to be assigned to new cases Advocate Supervisors take over advocacy as the GAL and make monthly in person visits as necessary.
      • Ensuring the visitation requirements for each child/foster parent are completed each month.
      • Attending case related visits with the CASA volunteer to ensure proper case management, empowerment and coaching.
      • Attending case related meetings or appointments with other services agencies or service providers.
      • Completing 45-hour CASA Kane County CASA/GAL educational training.

CASA Advocate Supervisors were interviewed about their positions from job responsibilities day to day, and what is most enjoyable about their position, below is what they have to say.


Describe a typical day or a typical week for your position:

Anna: “My typical day as an Advocate Supervisor would most likely involve attending one or more court hearings. Often, I have meetings I attend for Administrative Case Review or a Child Family Team Meeting. I am always reviewing a court reports submitted by our CASA volunteers and some days I may have child visits scheduled.
Ashley: “A typical day for me at CASA starts by checking my planner making sure I know what I have going on that day, checking my emails, prioritizing what needs to get done, then working to accomplish the goals of the day.”
Leti: “I do not have typical days; my days really vary. There are days I can be in the office working on court reports and documentation for the on-staff CASA attorney’s and upcoming cases. Other days I am in the field coaching our CASA/GAL Volunteers and assisting them with questions. Due to the high number of children in care and the need for more volunteers the Advocate Supervisors also take on child visits, so some days are spent on the caseload, attending visits and meet with the children.”
      • Attend court hearings, administrative case reviews, child and family team meetings, CIPP meetings, and clinical consultations.
      • Approve Optima (software used by CASA volunteers to track and maintain files) notes and answer questions that advocates may have.
      • Schedule and attend monthly home visits for advocates that cannot make their monthly visits and do home visits for cases that I am managing.
      • Request, read and document materials received from service providers, caseworkers, medical providers, and schools.
      • Write and edit GAL reports for court.
      • Communicate, meet, and provide support to advocates so that they feel empowered managing their case.
      • Deal with case management emergencies such as making a hot line call, placement disruptions, youth hospitalization, youth runaway, and/or work with attorneys to find a placement.
      • Always assess for safety.
      • Advocate for the best interest of the child and ensure that nothing fall through the cracks.
Stephanie: “A typical day or week as an advocate supervisor is always different. Sometimes I will have a day full of court hearings, visits, or both. Others I will spend the day working on or editing court reports, talking with volunteers, foster parents, parents, or I will be observing a visit or getting consents signed by parents. There is so much more but it really depends on the week!”

What about your job might surprise others?


Anna: “I am very surprised about how much I drive in a month with my job. I visit children in Rockford, Kankakee, Summit, Chicago and everywhere in between.”
Ashley: “It surprised me to realize that I often take on the role of a therapist for foster parents and bio-parents. Even if I cannot help or resolve the issue, they are facing it helps them to talk through the issue at hand. I also spend a lot of time following up with my CASA volunteers advocates to get reports to me on time, have their Optima notes submitted by the end of the month, and to follow up with their monthly visits. If they are unable to see their assigned child, I will schedule to make the visit on their behalf.”
Leti: “That I am always “on.” I get phone calls from Youth on my cases on the weekends. Most of them want someone to talk to, since sometimes their families are not involved, if they are having a mental physical health crisis, they need some guidance and support.”
Lucy: “That I am on call 24/7.”
Stephanie: “Being an Advocate Supervisor our schedules are constantly changing, and we have to be good at pivoting and addressing the highest priority. The day we have planned out likely changes depending on case needs.”


What is your favorite part of your job?


Anna: “My favorite part of my job is my fellow Advocate Supervisors – they are wonderfully supportive and kind. I also love visiting with the children I serve.”
Ashley: “My favorite part of this job is knowing that I am making a genuine impact in these children’s lives. I recently had two older youth tell me “you cannot leave my case,” and it reminded me that these children need me and all of us!  Second to the mission, my favorite part of this job is this team. I love knowing that I can walk over to another supervisor to look for guidance knowing that they can relate.”
Leti: “My favorite part of my job is coaching and training my CASA/GAL’s. I love creating relationships with the volunteers and being able to share my knowledge and pass it on to them. It’s a joy for me to watch them grow in their role.”
Lucy: “I love to witness children reach permanency. Permanency may look in different forms such as return home to parent, adoption, or guardianship. Knowing the children have a safe permanent home to grow and feel protected is the ultimate goal.”
Stephanie: “My favorite part of the job is working with the staff and volunteers. We have such a positive work environment, and everyone is always ready to help each other out when needed especially the volunteers who are helping out with visits and more! It is amazing and inspiring how much our volunteers do for the children we serve.”

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