How did you get your start volunteering with CASA Kane County? 

How did you get your start volunteering with CASA Kane County? 

Volunteering Kane County

Thinking of becoming a volunteer?

We asked six of our CASA/GAL Volunteers to share insight on how they got started volunteering for children.

 Volunteering is an important way for individuals to give back to their communities and help those in need. Volunteering can help to improve the lives of others, as well as provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction for the volunteer. It can also be a great way to gain new skills and meet new people. Ultimately, volunteering is an excellent way to make a positive impact on the world while doing something meaningful with your time. 


Volunteering with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Kane County enables individuals a way to directly work with children in the community and allow the child’s voice to be heard. CASA/GAL Volunteers provide insight for the Judge to make sound decisions based on the CASA/GAL’s reports and are the voice for children, who have experienced abuse and neglect.  


Six CASA Volunteers shared inspiring insight on how they got started volunteering with CASA showcasing what a difference it makes not only in the children’s lives but also their own. This blog covers how they got started.  Look for a future blog with more powerful moments as a volunteer and what they look forward to working with the children in care. 

How did you get your start volunteering with CASA Kane County?  


CASA/GAL Volunteer: Janis

“Around this time of year back in 2020, a holiday giving program caught my eye, Luggage of Love, and it made me stop to learn more about an organization, CASA, and I knew I wanted to start the New Year with purpose.  Perhaps it was the throws of the pandemic and how everything normal was turned upside down, that I began to try to absorb the enormity of how innocent children had to navigate everyday a different, unpredictable world due to someone else’s neglect or abuse.  I signed up, asked a lot of questions and a lot were asked of me, and in the Spring of 2021, the CASA training program offered me ample education and awareness so that at the end, after becoming a court appointed guardian ad litum, my first case assignment came to me within a week, and my life is forever transformed.”

CASA/GAL Volunteer: Dave

“I began volunteering with CASA Kane County almost 10-yrs ago. I saw an article in the local newspaper at the time and decided to join to help make a difference in children’s lives.”

CASA/GAL Volunteer: Trista

“I first volunteered with CASA in Connecticut when I was in college. This experience enhanced my desire to work with children and families in the court system. I welcomed the opportunity to return to CASA Kane County in 2020.”

CASA/GAL Volunteer: Christina

“I remember first learning about CASA Kane County through a posting on a library information board. Later that day, I looked up CASA online. CASA’s mission appealed to me, so I decided to attend an informational meeting at the courthouse later in the month. I learned that I could help make a significant difference in a child’s life: a difference that could impact their future.

CASA/GAL Volunteer: Cheryl

“I was first made aware of the organization through my brother-in-law whose first court as being a judge was abuse and neglect in Cook County.  At the time, I made the change to leave my corporate role to one of being my own boss as a consultant which offered me the time to have a flexible schedule and to become a CASA volunteer!  I have always wanted to give back to the community and use my psychology and sociology degrees as well!”

CASA/GAL Volunteer: Doug

“I had fully retired from vocational work in the fall of 2019, capping my work experience with six-plus years on Chapelstreet’s I was looking for volunteer activities. Cheryle had been desiring to become part of the Safe Families ministry (which we did in 2020), taking in kids whose parent(s) needed some time to work through stressors of life. I attended Chapelstreet’s Micah 6:8 conference in 2019 and visited the CASA booth, drawn by my past legal experiences and a heart for kids. But I made no move until, in the spring of 2020, I was studying the book of James as part of the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study on Acts. James 1:27 jumped out: “This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” God spoke to me right there—“sign up for CASA.” I went to the CASA website and learned they “just happened” to have an introductory meeting in a few days. I attended (via Zoom, of course, as COVID had hit) and applied to become a volunteer. I went through training during the summer (which was excellent), and in September 2020 was sworn in by a Kane County judge to become a guardian. I received my first case a few days later. I am still working the case, but hopefully for just a few more months more as we are currently awaiting the finality of the adoption process”


Want More Information About Volunteering?​ 

CASA would like to invite you to join them on mission. If you are 21 or older and have 5-15 hours a month to give a child – YOU can be a CASA! 
Those interested can attend a virtual only general information meeting which are held twice a month at different times to provide flexible options.  
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CASA Kane County is nonprofit volunteer organization advocating for the best interest of children in abuse and neglect situations throughout Northern Illinois. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardian ad Litem) volunteers are specially trained to become the objective voice of a child for a judge. 
CASA Kane County is currently seeking VOLUNTEERS! To learn more and Change a Child’s Story, please visit the organization’s website at or call 630-232-4484.