Transforming Communities: Corporate Impact with Plante Moran

In a world where corporations often wield significant influence, it’s heartening to see businesses like Plante Moran stepping up to make a difference in the community. Their commitment to social responsibility, exemplified through the “We Care” motto, extends beyond mere words—it’s a fundamental part of their culture. The blog paints a vivid picture of how businesses, when inspired by a shared purpose, can become powerful agents of positive change

Celebrating National Adoption Month: November’s Time to Shine

November is a month filled with significant events and holidays, but there’s one observance that often goes unnoticed amidst the preparations for Thanksgiving and the excitement of Black Friday – National Adoption Month. This important month is dedicated to raising awareness about the thousands of children in foster care who are eagerly waiting for their forever families. It’s a time to celebrate the love, hope and joy that adoption brings into the lives of countless families across the nation.

Advocating for Children’s Welfare: A Conversation with Executive Director Jim Di Ciaula Child Welfare Advocacy

Advocating for Children’s Welfare: A Conversation with Executive Director Jim Di Ciaula 

In our ongoing commitment to shedding light on remarkable organizations and individuals working to make a positive impact, we recently had the privilege of sitting down with the Executive Director of CASA Kane County, Jim Di Ciaula. Di Ciaula is an active community leader, who is passionate about building relationships and giving back. In this insightful interview, we dive into the core of CASA Kane County’s mission, child welfare advocacy, recruitment of volunteer advocates, the challenges they face and how they collaborate with other organizations to better serve children in need.